The physics in Mission Impossible: Ghost protocol

Mission Impossible has been loved by all ages since its release as a television series in 1996. A mixture of action, adventure, science and technology makes it attractive to the viewers. 

When arriving to the big screen, Mission Impossible served as a preamble for Tom Cruise’s stardom and consecrated him as an elite actor. The amazing body to body fights, which is the franchise presentation card, have evolved to be even more spectaculars. We must not forget the easiness of exploding things is this movie; perfect example of this we can find it in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

In this film, Ethan Hunt has to save the world from an atomic war. During the movie, he goes up an exterior wall of Burj Khalifa, which has a high of 828 meters, using a special kind of gloves. After one the gloves malfunctions, Ethan remains hanging from the glass window for various seconds with only one hand. But, is this mission impossible? Is a glove’s surface big enough to sustain Ethan Hunt? Which is the least surface that the glove has to cover to sustain his weight?  

As you can see, this scene may result very attractive to explain and understand physical concepts such as pressure, the Pascal principal, Newton’s laws, etc. Examples like this one, explained in details, and many others can be found in the practical book, The physics of Hollywood.

Now, let me ask you a question. Do you think with this analysis it would be more interesting and attractive to teach physics concepts? Could Hollywood’s movies be the raw material from were math and physics classes arise?

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